Complete This Sentence: My First Love...

young couple in love

What do you remember about your first love? Do you still think about him or her?

Almost everyone gets over their first love, but you never really forget that person. Whether it happened during your childhood, your teenage years or even when you were already an adult, you'll always hold a small candle for the person who first taught you vulnerability and desire.

So what happened between you and your first love? Did she break your heart? Did you break his? Do you still think about them? Or did you end up living happily ever after? Tell us about what you liked about him or her, and whether you see traces of that person in your current paramour. This Love Buzzer's first love was well-traveled and enjoyed horror videogames, but he's not in the picture anymore. Which is just as well — there's only so much Resident Evil you can take while staying over at someone's apartment.

Complete this sentence: My first love...