Relationship rules

Love, Heartbreak

Me and my ex boyfriend had been together for 3 years when things started changing (that's how I came across your article, trying to find out how to win your ex boyfriend back. At first it was me who was feeling the cracks - things like we didn't go out very often and we had fallen into a weekly routine which made it feel like the sparkle was missing from our relationship. So when I bought this up with him he said we would make more of an effort with each other to do things together but a few weeks later things hadn't really improved and I wasn't sure what I wanted from him anymore. So we decided to spend a couple of weeks apart from each other - in my mind I thought it would make us miss each other and want each other back. It worked for me, I missed him terribly and really began to appreciate again what we had together. Unfortunatley it seemed to work in the o pposite way for my boyfriend and he decided to finish with me all together, saying that he agrees with what I said originally and that he's not sure whether he loves me in the same way anymore.

It's been a month since we officially split and, although I tried really hard not to, i've managed to break all the rules :( At first we were talking to each other fine and everything was ok but as soon as i started mentioning our relationship situation he would just ignore me. My friends advised me to write him an email explaining everything i was feeling so I did and he hasnt spoken to me since (that was about a week ago) Im devastated - we had such an amazing relationship before we started having problems and I just want to get things back on track again. I've been trying hard not to contact him but his friends have been telling him how bad im taking the break up which isn't helping my strategy!

What should my next move be? Do you think I still have a chance? I'm pretty sure that he doesn't have anyone else and he has admitted that he feels like a bastard for doing this to me. Any advice would be very much appreciated - I just feel lost!