Long Distance Relationships and different nationalities

Love, Heartbreak

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost a year and a half. We fell in love instantly and very deeply, for both of us it was faster and deeper than before, and we both never loved anyone so much. It's over now, but based on your how to get an ex boyfriend back article I wanted some advice.

From the beginning, it was a long-distance relationship - I living in Germany, he in New Zealand - but it went well. He came to stay with me for two months while he was writing his thesis and we were supremely happy. After six weeks of separation, I came and spent four months with him in New Zealand during which we were still very happy.

When I had to return to Germany because my mother became ill, things started to go downhill. He slowly withdrew from me, e-mailing not as often, saying less sweet things,... I thought it was becau se he was busy preparing for his defense and looking for a post-doc position.

When he found a position in Spain, he came to stay with me for two weeks before he had to return to Spain. And then things really went bad. I visited him a month later and was already very sad and insecure about everything, and I think that somehow manifested in him that I wasn't happy in the relationship anymore.

At Christmas, he already seemed rather distant and it got worse in the weeks afterwards when he told me that he doesn't feel for me "as before" but that he still wanted to be with me and thought I was beautiful and clever and all other girls seemed ugly and daft to him. So I decided to go to Spain for two months and give it another try.

It didn't work out at all. For me, it was still nice every now and then, but he seemed restless and uncomfortable, as if he didn't enjoy having me there, at some point said that "nothing feels right" and then basically gave up trying, h ardly ever hugged me and didn't kiss me at all anymore (not even on the cheek).

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