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After One Argument, My Boyfriend Says He Wants To Break Up

I'm having a bit of a hard time and I need some good advice and reassurance. Tuesday of this past week, my boyfriend and I were fine and all. Suddenly, we started arguing and then he said he wanted to break up because he is tired of being on a roller coaster, because we had been arguing and stuff for a couple months. We've been dating for almost a year and a half. We are juniors in high school.

So Tuesday night was awful, but by Wednesday night he wanted to talk about things. So we did, and he has a lot of family problems right now and all I can do is be there for him. He feels as if his life is falling apart. and since I have a job, and a sport, he feels he puts more into the relationship because he has more time, and thinks that's unfair to him. So he has all day to si t around and think about everything bad, or how he can't talk to me about it because I'm at practice. So we decided I would pick him up from the airport on st patties day, the next day and we'd talk about it. (he was in Florida to see his dad, the last place on earth he wanted to be).

So I did that and we didn't really talk, but we went to his house and sat on his bed. He said, "the only thing that's keeping me from kissing you and making up is the fact I'm scared I'll feel like this again." you know, so I started crying because I didn't want to lose him, and he came over and comforted me. He then looked at me and kissed me, and (sorry if tmi..) we got hot and heavy. After that we kind of were distant, and went to lunch. But we got back and the same thing happened again, but after that, we were normal. We were the Steve and Sophie I've known for over a year. He just said "I need time." he said be still loves me and wants to be with me more than anything. The rest of the day was per fect then I had to leave. He said "take your mind off of it. I love you Sophie. I'll text you." so I don't know where we stand. And I'm so scared, what if he tells me he changed his mind about being with me? Last year around this time, we took a small break and went strong until this little rough patch a year later. So help, please! What do you recommend on how to get your boyfriend back? I know he wants to be with me I'm just so scared!

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