Complete This Sentence: The Way To A Woman's Heart...

man surprising woman with flowers

Tell us about your favorite romantic gestures.

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, how does one win over a woman? Despite complaints about the contrary, we're actually not that hard to please, and a small gesture—be it a mid-afternoon "I love you" text or your offer to do the dishes—goes a long way.

Every woman is different. The way to some women's hearts is through their children. Show that you're a patient, playful role model, and you're golden. For other women, it's all about classic romantic gestures: handwritten love notes, expensive bouquets, and dinners at gourmet restaurants. And others, still, will take note of how you treat others. Are you a good leader? Do you volunteer for the homeless? Are you there for your friends? If so, her heart is yours.

Complete this sentence: The way to a woman's heart...