Lock Up Your Boyfriends, Rachel Uchitel Is Back!

Rachel Uchitel

Amid reports that she shared yet another man with Elin Nordegren, Rachel may be plotting a tell-all.

As one of Tiger Woods' first mistresses to be outed, Rachel Uchitel seems to have made a career out of dating famous, married men (especially if those David Boreanaz rumors are true as well.) However, on the advice of her then-lawyer, Gloria Allred, she took a $10 million "hush-money" payment in 2009 from Tiger, in exchange for not spilling all of the details about their extra-marital affair.

However, according to HollywoodLife.com, Rachel's subsequent appearance on Celebrity Rehab for "love addiction" violated the terms of her agreement with the famous golfer, and she has reportedly now returned the millions in cash he gave her. (Although aren't you surprised that she hasn't spent it all by now?)

But, perhaps she could capitalize on another former love connection, if money gets tight. TMZ is reporting that Tiger's now ex-wife Elin Nordegren has a new boyfriend, who, in a weird twist of fate, also reportedly slept with Rachel Uchitel. Elin Nordegren Is Dating A Billionaire's Son

And although billionaire Jamie Dingman denies the claims, Elin was reportedly "blind-sided" and "pissed" over the fact that her new boyfriend may have also hooked up with one of the women her ex-husband cheated on her with. Rachel Uchitel: 'I'm Not A Whore!'

It's a small world, no? And now that Rachel is free to blab about it, the 38-year-old might be planning a tell-all book or interview with her side of the story. After all, even mistresses-turned-reality-stars have bills to pay!

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