Maya Rudolph Gives Birth To A Boy, Jenna Fischer Is Expecting One

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There are a lot of congratulations to go around and blue-themed baby rooms to paint in Hollywood these days. Not only did Kate Hudson recently give birth to a baby boy named Bingham Russell, but former SNL actress Maya Rudolph also welcomed a son into her family, reportedly named Jack.

This is the third child for the 38-year-old funny lady, who stars in the upcoming NBC TV show, Up All Night. (Maya plays the best friend of Christina Applegate, who attempts to balance work, marriage, and a newborn baby.) Maya and her husband, director Paul Thomas Anderson, also have two girls, 5-year-old Pearl and 20-month-old Lucille.

In more celebrity baby news, The Office star Jenna Fischer revealed that she is pregnant with a boy too! Although her character Pam on the hit sitcom is already a mother, this is the first child for Jenna, 38, and her husband Lee Kirk, whom she married last year. Jenna Fischer Marries Writer Lee Kirk

According to People Magazine, Jenna's pregnany has already been written into the next season of The Office, which will make Jenna's already "easy pregnancy" that much more convenient, it seems.

"Before all the pregnant women at home get mad at me for saying that, I just want them to know that while I did not have morning sickness, I have plenty of cellulite, and it's okay," she told the magazine, laughing. "I've been cursed in other ways."

It sounds like Kate, Maya, and Jenna, who's due in September, should start a playgroup. (If only, so we could see those playground photos!)

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