Jersey Shore Season 4 Trailer: New Hookups, Gross French Kissing

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Snooki and The Situation smooshing? Oh man, August 4 can't come soon enough.

You guys, the "Jersey Shore" season four trailer is so gross. Does this mean I'm not going to watch it? No. In fact, I'm already planning a "Jersey Shore" season premiere viewing party with soppressata and limoncello shots. You're only allowed to come if you've got a fake tan and something with an Ed Hardy label. But leave your 'roid rage at the door, please! Watch the trailer on The Frisky

The five grossest things about the season four "Jersey Shore" season four trailer:

1. SNOOKI AND THE SITUATION ARE SMOOSHING. If this trailer is to be believed, the two realize they have feelings for each other. That's just wrong. This is not going to end well at all. Snooki is a bunny rabbit and The Situation is the big bad wolf. Besides, what happened to Snooki's crush on Vinny? That was also a bad idea, but significantly less bad of an idea than Snooks and Sitch.
2. Deena and Pauly D are French kissing outside their mouths. Is it still called French kissing when you lick each other's tongues? More importantly, do people actually kiss like that?
3. Vinny's new 'stache. Shave that, please...

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