Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony: Still Working Together??

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony

Days after announcing their split, the couple says they will still work together on a reality show.

Just days after announcing their divorce after seven years of marriage, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are shocking people a second time. The pair announced their plans to go forward working together on the Latin reality talent show, Q'Viva!, even though their personal life is in shambles. Does this have the potential to be totally awkward yet pull in ratings like crazy? Oh, we're sure.

"Q'Viva! the hotly anticipated 2012 celebration of Latin music, artistry and dance, is set to film this autumn in South America with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony as previously announced," a rep for XIV Entertainment told Us Weekly. "Both Jennifer and Mark are committed to the Q'Viva! project and will work on it as planned. The show goes on!"

We're not too surprised that the show must go on, divorce and all. Contracts were probably already signed, but beyond that, Simon Fuller, the brains behind American Idol, is another collaborator on the show. If Q'Viva! is even half as popular as Idol, the awkwardness will be worth if for Lopez and Anthony's respective careers. JLo Says Divorce Not An Option

If there is any awkwardness, that is. Since they have 3-year-old twins Max and Emme together, the two will have to see each regularly until their kids are grown. So Q'Viva! might be great practice for the couple on getting along and smiling through their differences in the public eye since it sounds like their private life was tumultuous. 

"They had a very up and down marriage," a source said. "They would get into heated, horrible fights. Then, they would also go through times where they were extremely loving and romantic...It was a roller coaster with them from the beginning." Is Money Tearing Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Apart?

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