Mila Kunis & Justin Timberlake: A Double Date At The Marine Ball?

Mila Kunis Justin Timberlake

After being asked out by a female Marine, will Justin Timberlake join Mila Kunis at the Marine Ball?

Despite rumors that she was trying to bail out on US Marine Sergeant Scott Moore, who invited the Friends with Benefits star (via a YouTube video) to attend the Marine Ball with him, Mila Kunis has confirmed that she will keep her date to go the military ball this fall.

"I will be attending the Marine Corps Ball on November 18th, just in case there was any confusion!!" the 27-year-old actress Tweeted, after rumors spread that she would not go, prompting a large backlash against her on the Internet. (Mila claimed at a press conference that the rumor was started by radio commentator Billy Bush, who "made it up.") Mila Kunis Accepts A Date From A Military Man

Mila might not be the only celebrity on the arm of a Marine, however. Justin Timberlake, who urged Mila to go in the first place, also received an invite from a female Marine, reports People. And while there's no word if he will be joining his co-star on a double date, Marine Kelsey De Santis joked that if Justin rejected her, then all she could say is "cry me a river." (Quoting Justin's lyrics was pretty smart, no?)

CelebLovers, if you could ask any celebrity out on a date, who would you pick? (Now, please excuse us while we go work on our video message for Christian Bale.)

Photo Credit: Getty