Will Prince Albert & Charlene Divorce After She Produces An Heir?

Prince Albert Charlene Wittstock

The royal couple reportedly had the 'honeymoon from hell' and slept apart at different hotels.

Uh-oh. Things are not looking good for Prince Albert and his barely two-week old marriage to Princess Charlene.

After denying rumors that 33-year-old Charlene had tried to ditch Albert, 53, at the altar because of a rumored third love child (that was supposedly conceived during their relationship), the couple went through with the wedding and tried to look like a happy couple, although Albert fared better than Charlene, who spent much of the religious ceremony, openly weeping. Were they tears of joy? Probably not, if the latest report about the royal couple is to be believed.

According to the Daily Mail, Albert and Charlene actually spent the first night of their South Africa honeymoon at different hotels that were ten miles apart! Supposedly, the reason given was that Albert had a business meeting the next morning and didn't want to be stuck in traffic. (!!) The couple reportedly then had to cut their honeymoon short because Albert had to be back in Monaco for a DNA paternity test for the child he fathered while he was supposed to be madly in love with Charlene. (!!!) This is on top of the two, other love children that he has fathered over the years from his dalliances with random women. Charlene Wittstock: Runaway Princess Bride?

And although Albert has supposedly taken Charlene on second (and hopefully more romantic) secret honeymon, some are speculating that she and Albert have a pact to keep their marriage together (regardless of his reported philandering) until she produces a legitimate heir to the Monaco throne...which may take longer than normal if the couple keeps sleeping at different hotels. Prince Albert & Charlene Have A Celeb-Studded Second Wedding

While Prince William and Duchess Catherine seem like the perfect couple, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene's relationship is starting to (eeks!) look more like an arranged marriage, especially if they're already planning out the details of the future divorce.

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