At-Work Mail Order Bride Prank Goes Awry

Mail Order Bride
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A man's attempt to setup his co-worker with a mail order bride gets him reprimanded.

This a-hole took screwing around at work to a whole new level: Stephen Pottinger, an employee of the Houston Independent School District, is in trouble for signing up his co-worker for a mail order bride website. During company hours.

"He had mentioned that he wanted to get back into dating," Pottinger said. "We have a long-standing joke that when [the co-worker] starts talking, a lot of people start falling asleep. So I said, 'Maybe you should start dating someone who doesn't speak any English. They can just nod and smile.'" So the Michael Scott of Texas signed his colleague up on a website that matches Russian women with American men and forwarded responses to the guy during work hours. Well, that is quite the prank.

Pottinger called it "a joke that kind of went too far." An internal investigation called it to be "harassment." He's now been ordered to take a management course, which one hopes devotes a section to mail order bride etiquette in the workplace. Did I mention this guy's base salary is $155,358?

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