Milk: It Does The PMS Good?

milk ad men PMS

A new milk campaign asks men, "Got PMS?"

Got PMS? Then send your man out for a gallon of milk.

The California Milk Processor Board is targeting men in their newest ad campaign and trying to save relationships everywhere from "that time of the month." They ask, "Are you a man living with PMS?" 

The ads are based on a recent study that reports 1200 milligrams of calcium taken everyday for three months can reduce the symptoms of PMS—hence the milk/PMS connection. In the "Everything I Do Is Wrong" ads, men offer cartons of milk to their ladies along with apologies like, "I'm sorry I did what you said and not what you meant." Then men are urged to visit where they can use tools like the Video Apology Enhancer, the Sensitivity Vocabulator, and the Emergency Milk Locator. Too bad this whole thing will probably up the female anger quotient this month.

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Image courtesy of The New York Times

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