YourTango Experts Answer Your Questions On Facebook

Facebook broken heart

YourTango Experts tackle "Does he like me?" and other questions this Thursday on Facebook.

This Thursday, July 14, YourTango is letting our experts take over our Facebook page to answer your questions. The take overs will happen once a week, in the afternoons and will be the perfect way to break up your work-week malaise and get some real, expert answers to your relationship challenges. Hey, it's way better than Googling, "Why does he hate me?"

Kicking off the series is Charles J. Orlando, author of The Problem With Women is...Men and host to his own enormously popular Facebook page. He'll be taking over our Facebook page, July 14, 2pm Eastern time. If you want to ask a question in advance, post it on the event page.

Charles hosted a Facebook take over last month and it was awesome. Don't believe us? Check out this recap: Why Do Men Have Penises?

So, what burning questions do you have? Which experts would you like to answer your questions. Let us know in the comments or tell us on Facebook.