YourTango Quickies: Beware The Gonorrhea Superbug!

smart nerdy girl

Throw away your romance novels and Metallica CD's, and move to Japan.

This week we're throwing away our romance novels and Metallica CD's to boost our chances at a date, and running like mad from the weird new gonorrhea superbug. We're also moving to Japan—you'll see why soon.

- Gird your loins, the gonorrhea "superbug" is here. As if you needed another STD to worry about, a new strain of gonorrhea has been identified in a woman in Japan and two men in Norway. This clap species appears to be resistant to treatment. While no cases of the new superbug have been reported in the U.S., officials are concerned about the "very complex bacteria which has a pretty amazing ability to mutate and for people to develop resistances to antibiotics." Condoms, people!

- In (slightly more heartening) news, oral and anal sex, both of which had been outlawed in Louisiana since the early 1800s, have finally been legalized. The legislation was racist and sexist, as almost all of those convicted of the "crime" were women, and more than three-quarters were black. Antiquated laws like this are almost as stupid as gonorrhea superbugs.

- Who are you listening to while updating your dating profile? If it's Adele or Kings of Leon, you're in luck!, a new dating site that pairs people based on musical tastes, reports that fans of Adele are the most successful at online dating. But stay away from dudes who listen to Eminem, Linkin Park or Metallica. As if you didn't already know that.

- Another dangerous pastime for daters: romance novels. Overconsumption of racy romantic chick lit can skew women's views of sex and relationships, according to a British psychologist. The bodice-rippers are said to romanticize unprotected sex, since only 11.5 percent of them promote condom use. Reading these fantasies can also make women unprepared for real-life relationship challenges. So put down that Nora Roberts and read a Cosmo. Or, better yet, YourTango!

- Finally, everything you thought about men was wrong. A new study shows that men base their relationship success on cuddling and tenderness, while women link relationship happiness with sex. Out of all the countries surveyed, Japanese men and women are the most sexually satisfied. Men also base their happiness on their ability to make their girlfriends orgasm. It's a win-win scenario...