Get Blown Away, Louisiana! Oral Sex Is Now Legal

bourbon street new orleans

Believe it or not, from the early 1800s until now, if Bayou State residents were convicted of "unnatural carnal copulation" (also known as oral sex and anal sex), they were at risk of being charged with a felony and forced to register as a sex offender. In addition to the charge, the label was also branded on driver's licenses. Looks like the Scarlet Letter had some competition, Hester Prynne.

But current lawmakers have reconsidered. The new Louisiana law will take effect in August. Many have praised the new law, saying the old legislation was racist, sexist and possibly homophobic—those convicted of the crime were usually women and African-Americans.

Kind of amusing how the state that promotes boob flashing for beads would outlaw a little Deep Throat and back-door action.

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