I Don't Believe In Natural Family Planning

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Why natural family planning strikes me as ridiculous.

The argument against contraception is that it undermines the primary goal of marriage: to create a family. But I disagree. Contraception does what natural family planning tries to do, it just does it more effectively. In the same way I bristle when I hear the term "natural childbirth" (all birth is natural), the term "natural family planning" also strikes me as ridiculous. The idea that using a pill is not an OK way to plan your family, but using a method that is both emotionally and sexually frustrating is, seems ludicrous.  

Contraception gives couples choices and allows them to build a stronger relationship that will result in a stronger family, when the time is right. Children are wonderful. I have a daughter of my own now, and I am amazed at the way she's changed our lives and our relationship. Seeing my husband in her and with her makes me love him more than I ever have. But having a kid has also made my relationship more difficult.

Having a daughter has added a whole new level of anxiety and joy in our lives that frequently manifests itself as strain on our relationship. We ignore each other in favor of her and often take our sleep-deprived frustrations out on one another. But we also have the benefit of having built a solid relationship that we can fall back on. Very often, we've found ourselves swallowing our frustration and walking away from a fight, because we realized we weren't mad at each other, just tired. I cannot imagine having the maturity to do that when we first got married.  REVEALED: The Marriage Secret Nobody Likes To Admit

Being on the pill allowed us to fuss, fight, move, experiment, switch jobs, save money, buy a house and grow up. Essentially, do all those things that we needed to do in order to make our relationship work and keep it working, before adding in a kid. And staying on the pill will allow us to continue to grow stronger as a family, before we add number two.