Using Google Plus On A Date Is No-No

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Survey says one-third of singles have walked out on a date because of cell phone use.

Yes, Google Plus has officially launched, and yes, like the plethora of other online and mobile allures out there, it's tempting to use it all the time (it is after all, meant to be the new "plus one")—even mid-date. But a new survey warns that being too involved in your phone—and not involved enough with your date—is a big taboo while out on the town.

In honor of cell phone courtesy month, social dating community Zoosk is helping singles manage their addictions by calling out the most cringe-worthy "on-a-date" habits involving cell phones. Nearly 3,250 Zoosk users in the U.S. were surveyed. The results show us what singles can (and can't) tolerate when it comes to calling, texting, tweeting and "checking in" on a date.

Before the date. If a Miley Cyrus song blares when you receive a call, you might want to change it before your next romantic outing. Nearly half (49 percent) of singles say an annoying or obnoxious ringtone is the "least sexy" cell phone accessory. Other offenders: Bluetooth headsets (26 percent), belt clips (17 percent) and ugly face plates (8 percent).

What's not OK. It should go without saying that being too involved with your cell phone while out is a complete faux-pas—86 percent of those surveyed name it the biggest on-a-date offender. In fact, 33 percent of singles have left a date early because the other person was too wrapped up in his/her cell phone. Sending a text and making a call were deemed rude (73 percent and 51 percent, respectively). And if you're thinking of letting your Foursquare friends know your whereabouts while out, think again—68 percent say "checking in" is a big no-no. 10 Rules For Texting And Dating

What is OK. Not every single in the universe is against the use of technology while out with another. One quarter of singles are perfectly fine with their date being distracted by a cell phone (perhaps because he/she is distracted, too?).

After the date. Unfortunately, though we condemn use of the cell phone while on the date, we're certainly all right with using it to end things after—25 percent of women and 15 percent of men have dumped a person via a text message. And if you're still interested, a phone call can go a long way. Nearly three-quarters of singles want a voicemail in lieu of a text so they can hear their date's voice. How Not To Leave a Voicemail

What's the most annoying on-a-date cell phone behavior?