What Guys Think Links: Dating Is Hard For Good Guys Too

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What's up with regulars at strip clubs and should prisoners have access to porn?

Wow. Fresh out the box. Very Smart Brothas take on why women refuse to believe that men can have dating problems. It's not quite as good as the reason men believe women can get laid any time they way. But maybe the two problems are tangentially related?

You can extrapolate all you want but College Candy has their resident dude take on the issue of a woman who has never been kissed. Is that code for something? Or is it just the title of one of my favorite Drew Barrymore films? You report, we decide.

The kiss is generally the preferred method for converting a frog into a prince BUT my bud Evan Marc Katz has a subtler and likely more effective approach.

Speaking of fantasies, Mark Schwartz (for the Huffington Post) takes on the idea that divorce always means happily ever after. Sometimes that freedom comes with strange shackles.

A big cause of divorce, I'm guessing, is faithlessness. Per Good Men Project, maybe it should be. Mark White is a little perplexed why we're so quick to forgive infidelity.

Biiiiiiig surprise. Glamour let's us know that watching porn may be bad for your sex life. I mean besides learning new, "great moves," I suppose it is especially valuable.

And The Daily Beast lets us know that in the home of the free, that our least free citizens (prisoners) think they should have access to free web porn. If it cuts down on the most notorious prison crime, it should be considered. We let some criminals sex up their wives, for Pete's sake. (Note: Pete could care less, it's an expression.)

On the topic of sex stuff for money, Bad Online Dates asks their resident bartender what we're supposed to make of strip club regulars. Hmm. Hopeless romantics?

And the guys at Maxim let us in on a horribly-kept secret: forbidden sex is super hot. Maybe you fantasize about boning an opposite sex roommate because it's a really bad idea.

And that taboo subject could be the reason that some guys get a little uncomfy when their girlfriends share a bed with a gay fella. Em And Lo as their man panel to discuss a seemingly irrational jealousy.

And if you're planning on a one-night stand, Ask Men has a few tips for you to guarantee success. And if you're a lady and want a one-night stand, go ahead and let these techniques work. He's putting in a lot of effort.

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