YourTango Takes Crystal Light On A Date

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We took the Crystal Light Flavor Over Fizz Challenge with Glam Media.

It's hard to stay healthy when you lead a busy lifestyle, and having a quick soda serves as a much-needed energy boost. But a recent study from the University of Texas reports that people who drink two or more diet sodas a day have waists that are six times as large as those who don't drink diet soda at all. This goes to show that a good alternative to the fizzy drink can go a long way. So when Glam Media, who periodically send us fun products to try out, introduced us to the Flavor Over Fizz Challenge, we knew we had to try it. The mission was twofold: to replace our diet soda for a week and to "dress up" our Crystal Light. Here's how it all worked out.

Part 1 of mission: Replace Diet Soda For A Week

Result: One of our editors, Natalie, decided to take the challenge by replacing her Diet Coke with Crystal Light for a week. Although she loved the flavors, especially Iced Tea Peach and Green Tea Raspberry, she just couldn't keep away from caffeine. But she was able to cut at least some soda from her diet—which felt healthy and rewarding.

Part 2 of mission: Dress Up Our Crystal Light

Result: Awesomeness. See photo. To dress up our Crystal Light, we took it on a date because, well, we're YourTango and dating is always on our minds. Check out the photo—the boy Crystal Light is giving the girl Crystal Light a "bouquet" of Crystal Light packets! As you can tell by the pic, we had so much fun dressing up the glasses here in the office—they're on a romantic date so shhhhh, don't bother them. All of this made us think that the drink would actually be great for a summer date, especially an outdoors one. It doesn't have caffeine, so it won't turn you into a nervous wreck, and it's fruity and hydrating, making you ultra-kissable.

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