Brooke Mueller Will Sue If Anyone Makes Fun Of Her At Sheen Roast

Brooke Mueller Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen's comedy roast better not mention his ex Brook Mueller or she'll call her lawyer.

Brooke Mueller is setting some ground rules for her ex-husband Charlie Sheen's upcoming comedy roast this September. She has openly said that if she's mentioned at all by any of the comedians at the roast, she'll sue. Her name is "completely off-limits" during the roast. She's not messing around.

While to some it might seem like she's lacking a sense of humor, we can see where Mueller is coming from. Sheen is an unpredictable force and being connected to him can't be easy for her. Or anyone, really. Even in the couple's divorce settlement, Mueller made it clear that Sheen is to never publicly talk about her or her drug use. Under normal circumstances, this might be excessive and could seem like you've got something to hide. But when you're Sheen's ex, it's a reasonable precaution you'd be silly not to take.

"He better not go there," Brooke's reps told TMZ. Brooke Mueller's Pre-Rehab Party

If he does "go there," it probably won't surprise anyone. Sheen, the father of Mueller's twin boys Bob and Max, has famously spouted off about pretty much every person in his life at some point during his recent bizarre downward spiral into crazy-land. If anyone can keep him from dragging Mueller's name and history into his roast, it'll be a miracle.

And while Mueller is ready to send a letter to Comedy Central demanding that they not air any jokes at her expense, the network has sort of thrown its hands up over the whole thing. Even they can't control the tiger blooded warlock. 

"Charlie has assured us that nothing will be off limits in this Roast which scares even us," they said. 8 Things Charlie Sheen Can Teach Us About Breakups

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