The Juiciest Fourth Of July Single-Gal Burger Recipe

juicy delicious 4th fourth of july burger

The Juicy Lucca Burger: Serves one hungry independent woman.

Really, this burger recipe is my take on the Juicy Lucy which is what a burger stuffed with cheese is commonly called. I've added a little heat with the inclusion of jalapenos and cayenne into the meat, opted for an English Muffin instead of the usual bun, and topped it off simply with a slice of ripe tomato. So, now it's the Juicy Lucca, although she wasn't allowed to have any because it has onions in it. Obviously, you can adjust this recipe so that it's for as many people as you want, but in true Random Single Gal Recipe style—and considering it's Independence Day—the following is if you're just cooking for one. (Also, as I live in an apartment with no outdoor space, it's also tailored to a stovetop griddle pan.) Happy 4th of July!

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