Friends With Benefits Never Works: Right?

Friends With Benefits Movie
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The pro—yes, only one—and cons of the enticing, yet complicated, friends-with-benefits arrangement.

Friends with benefits. It's the elusive fling that has pals giving each other—and each others' beds—a second glance. There's been so much chatter surrounding FWB lately that Hollywood capitalized on the talk by releasing not just one, but two movies about the topic this year—No Strings Attached and the originally titled Friends With Benefits.

While the occasional hookup with a reliable buddy is definitely fun and exhilarating, it's likely to give you more hurt feelings than multiple O's. In fact, The Frisky found FWB to have only one pro: sex with no obligations. The cons? Complicating a perfectly good friendship, the possibilities of getting an STD or getting pregnant, and hurt feelings. And that's not even close to all. Come to think of it, maybe we'd rather watch Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis get it on than get into this arrangement ourselves.

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