Hugh Hefner Has Another Playmate Girlfriend: Shera Bechard

Hugh Hefner

Meanwhile, Crystal Harris is trying to pawn her $90,000 engagement ring.

According to Hugh Hefner's recent philosophical musings on Twitter, a new girlfriend is "the only logical response to heartbreak." But, when you're the rich, 85-year-old founder of Playboy, why have one new girlfriend when you can have two? Or four?

In addition to his "good friend" Anna Sophia Berglund and his other good friends, the Shannon Twins, Hef confirmed on Twitter that Playboy's Miss November 2010, Shera Bechard, has also moved into the Playboy Mansion. A bottle-blonde, who looks not unlike all of Hef's other exes, including Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson, Shera is a 27-year-old French-Canadian model and aspiring actress when she's not busy the playing the role of Hef's girlfriend, reports PopEater.com.

Meanwhile, Hef's ex-fiancée, Crystal Harris, who jilted him just days before they were supposed to marry, has been trying to squeeze all of the cash she can out of her 15 minutes of fame. According to TMZ, the 25-year-old was seen trying to pawn her $90,000 engagement ring. (Hugh Hefner is reportedly letting her keep the ring and car that he bought her, but isn't pawning your engagement ring still in bad taste?) Hugh Hefner Already Has A New Girlfriend

Regardless, perhaps Crystal should she get in touch with Charlie Sheen. We think that the cash-strapped former Playmate would be just his type! (And he would certainly treat her like a "goddess.")