Will Machines Marry Us In The Future?

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A UK-based design team has unveiled a vending machine that will marry you for just a dollar.

Is it just us, or do weddings get more creative every year? We've read about ceremonies in McDonald's, ceremonies held in funeral homes, and festivities featuring groomsmen dressed like Storm Troopers. Not that creativity necessarily entails pomp and circumstance. Those who favor a more understated brand of outrageousness can now try AutoWed, a new vending machine that will marry couples for just a dollar. The 7 Most Outrageous Wedding Stunts

Granted, the 8-foot, bubblegum-pink device began as a joke and exists more as a toy than as a real presider. AutoWed creator Sam Lanyon told Wired UK that he and his UK-based design team, Concept Shed, sketched the design while brainstorming how they would "bastardize" weddings by combining them with parking meters. To their surprise, Marvin's Marvellous Mechanical Museum in Detroit actually commissioned one, and thus, AutoWed came to life. The machine's unprecedented popularity has encouraged Concept Shed to devise simplified versions for bars, as the original required 300 parts, a custom-designed keyboard and lots of cash. iPad Proposal And 6 More Nerdy Engagement Stories

Despite resembling a prop from Grease, the machine actually boasts some impressive technology. To use AutoWed, simply enter your status as part of a straight couple, a gay couple, or even best friends forever. The machine will you you to recite your vows, and you press a button in lieu of saying "I do." Once that part's over, the machine will pop out a pair of toy rings and a marriage certificate signed by "Minister Marvin." Congratulations, you're married. 5 Weird And Notable Engagement Rings

Before you dismiss the machine as a ridiculous game, keep in mind that a couple in Japan were married by an I-Fairy robot last year. Like it or not, machines might just become a viable substitute for ministers in the future, especially if you're strapped for cash or eloping. Hey, if it beats being married by an Elvis impersonator...

To see AutoWed in action, watch the video below:

Image courtesy of Concept Shed