Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Are Engaged

Neil Patrick Harris David Burtka

With the new marriage laws for same sex couples, NPH sees wedding bells in his future.

Now that gay marriage is legal in some states, are you surprised to learn that one of our favorite out and proud celebs, Neil Patrick Harris, is considering getting married?

Well, that's exactly the deal based on what we're reading on the Celebrity Circuit. According to the site, the former Doogie Howser star announced his engagement to partner David Burtka on Twitter one day after gay marriage was made legal in New York. While the couple had proposed marriage to each other several years ago, the recently passed law now means they can make it "official."

Not that NPH and David haven't already formed their own family. If you'll recall, the happy couple has been parenting a pair of eight-month-old twins born through a surrogate, according to the Detroit Free Press. Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka's Twins Born

Harris was thrilled, tweeting his happiness all weekend. "David and I did propose to each other, but over five years ago!" Harris said through his Twitter page, according to People. "We've been wearing engagement rings for ages, waiting for an available date."

We have to say— we're thrilled that NPH is happy, having been a fan of him for such a long time. And, even though he came out of the closet just a few years ago, it didn't seem to do much, if any harm, to his career. Between his hosting the Tonys twice, his leading role on How I Met Your Mother, starring roles in movies and guest appearances on hit shows like Glee… Well, we'd say that Neil's doing quite well, and his happy family is only the icing atop a very delicious cake.

No word on whether a date's been set… But we don't anticipate them waiting very long.

Hats off to them and their family!