The Bachelorette Episode 6: The Return Of Bentley

bachelorette ashley episode 6 hong kong

Bachelorette Ashley is shocked by Bentley's return, causing tension among the other bachelors.

Tonight's episode begins, per usual, with Ashley on a contemplative walk wearing ridiculously high stripper shoes, this time through the streets of Hong Kong, where she whines via voiceover about how she just can't get over Bentley.

Yeah, we get it.

Chris starts things off with a bang by informing the heartbroken dentist that her former beau, Bentley, is, wait for it… IN THE HOTEL.

To which Ashley screams "Shut UP!" She then starts bawling and kicks Chris Harrison in the nads. Kidding.

She actually sits in shock for a minute and then heads over to Bentley's room, where they sit down and share a nice afternoon of awkward silences. Ashley eventually gets down to business and spills her guts about how hard it was when he left. Unexpressed Feelings Never Die

Bentley, at this point, seems to be playing ball. He says missed her and was surprised at how being back in Salt Lake City was not nearly as fun as being coddled by a staff of TV producers day and night, flown all over the world for free and jerking her around.

Weird, right?

Alas, the conversation goes nowhere. Bentley makes zero effort to win Ashley back and in the end, they make that "DOT DOT DOT" he promised her a stone cold PERIOD.

At this point you know the producers are pissed. They were banking on Bentley to bring the pain! He didn't confess. He didn't play games. He didn't do anything. He just sat there with a stupid grin. Dating Games Men Play

Ashley (finally) is like, "Hmm. You're kind of an idiot. I'm outta here."

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