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My Ex Boyfriend Says He Needs Time Before We Get Back Together

Okay, so prior to reading your article, I broke all of the cardinal rules. Of course I did. But, this is what happened. My ex boyfriend and I have known each other for years, but we have been dating for a short amount of time. Within that time. I'd lied to him about a coupled things, I don't really have an excuse other than the fact that I was scared to become attatched to someone. I didn't want to end up hurt, so I always ran from te problems. He said he'd put everything aside because he loved me and because he wanted a future with me, with time I became very close to him, and I love him. Suddenly he wasn't replying to my messages as often as usual, he was avoiding hanging out with me, then, through text, he broke up with me, saying that he couldn't put the fact that he went bac k on his morals aside. He says he needs time. Which is respectable and understandable. He met me today to give me my stuff, we both cried, he says he I s confused, he wants to be with me but he is hurt, I begged him to let me prove myself to him, he says not right now. I feel lost and hopeless, I am afraid that within this time he will find someone else who will make him happy and he will forget all about me who is waiting here for him to have his time. What do I do to get your boyfriend back? Can I prove myself to him? Can I get him back? Please help.

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