My ex met a girl on a night out and it changed everything

Love, Heartbreak

I've just recently found your page and everything you have written i could relate to and i was wondering if you could give me some advice on my situation?

I have been with my boyfriend for 18 months and i can honestly say have never been so happy or found someone i have such a connection with. In January he started a new job which meant longer hours but he promised that our relationship would stay strong and it did, until he met a girl on a night out and they've kept in contact. Obviously i was hurt and jealous but he promised me they were just friends. His long hours at work andhis friendship with this girl caused arguments and in the end he said because of his job he can't be in a relationship. But he says that i have been and always will be his b est friend and he loves me so much and never wants to lose me. I am so confused, why would he say that but not want a relationship? I thought if you loved someone so much you would do anything to make them happy. I do understand his job is very stressful but i was always there to help him relax and be a good girlfriend. I can't stand losing him and he says he still wants me in his life. I really want to get him back but i don't know how to get your boyfriend back.

If you could please help and give some advice i would be so grateful. Thank you,