Who Should George Clooney Date Next? Renee Zellweger?

George Clooney

Plus, Elisabetta Canalis is seen flirting with a basketball player.

George Clooney has only been a single man for a week (well, at least officially,) but, already, the tabloids are buzzing about who his next lady friend might be.

The primary contender, according to E! Online, is George's ex-girlfriend, Renee Zellweger, who recently went through a breakup herself from Bradley Cooper, and who reportedly made a pact, back when they were romantically linked in 2001 (and then again in 2006,) to marry George if they both ended up alone.

"Now that George is single, Renee has joked that maybe the time has come to make do. The truth is they are the best of friends and get on so well together so you never know," said a source to ShowbizSpy.com.

The notorious bachelor, who had vowed to never remarry, recently parted ways with his girlfriend of two years, Elisabetta Canalis, amid reports that the couple was fighting non-stop. George Clooney Is Single Again, Breaks Up With Elisabetta Canalis

"She drove him nuts," said a source to US Magazine, adding that George had been drifting away from Elisabetta since last New Year's.

"She was always shy," said another friend of Clooney's to E! about the split. "And you know what? She didn't speak great English. To tell you the truth, I don't think George's Italian is that great, either!"

Don't feel bad for Elisabetta though. According to the New York Daily News, the 32-year-old Italian TV presenter "didn't appear too heartbroken" as she chatted with Miami Heat basketball player Dwayne Wade at a fashion show recently.

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