Steps To Get Back My Boyfriend?

Love, Heartbreak

I am worried that if i ignore him he will think i have moved on.

Just recently my boyfriend broke up with me. I made the mistake of crying to him about it. He still talks to me though whenever i text him. He always answers back. He even answers when we talk on the phone. Throughout the relationship we never had a fight, everything is perfect. He told me that he loved me and wanted to marry me and we even went to look at rings. He is the guy that i have been waiting for my whole life and he is everything that i have ever said that i have wanted in a guy. When he broke up with me he actually started crying when he first saw that i was crying. He told me that he had to do this because over the past couple of weeks he was starting to be distant and he knew i could tell because i kept asking him if he was ok or if something was wrong.

He wouldn't tell me he loved me back, he wouldn't cuddle with me, he never wanted to hangout, he didn't talk about how much he missed me when we went awhile without seeing each other, and he wouldn't walk me to my car, open my car door for me (which he has always done for me since day 1), or kiss me goodbye. He told me he was busy with work and didn't have time to give me the attention i deserve and he said he didn't feel like his feelings were as strong anymore and he didn't love me anymore. How do I get my ex boyfriend back? I am confused at how someone can just wake up one day and not love someone they planned on spending the rest of their life with. He told me there was nothing i did wrong and it was him.

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