Jealous of my son's father

Love, Heartbreak

He broke up with me last week saying he didn't feel like he could trust me.

I had been with my boyfriend almost 2 years. He broke up with me last week saying he didn't feel like he could trust me because I still have contact with my son's father. My sons father doesnt pay support so in exchange he offered to help give me money for household bills and such when I needed. I took advantage of this only a few times, but I didnt tell my boyfriend about it. He has been extremely jealous of my sons father the entire time weve been together, almost threatened.

My son's father has been on me for the two years about him and myself reconnecting, which I have no interest in, but he himself wont move on. The guy I want back has children of his own from a past relationship, and I never felt jealous or threatened by her. We would argue over silly things, and I admit I could have been pushing him away due to just feeling down about not having a job that pays a great amount of money, I was almost depressed you could say. He says he loves me and we could get back together in the future, but he isnt completely sure right now. I've read the hub page on how to win your ex boyfriend back but I feel my situation is different. I did the mistakes of calling, texting, crying, begging...he managed to cry himself which Ive never seen. I really feel strongly about him and want to make this work, I would really appreciate the advice.