The Sun In Cancer: Get Ready For Romance!

sun in cancer astrology

The sun lives in Cancer through July 22. So what does this sign mean for your relationship?

We've now successfully exited Gemini and the sun has entered Cancer—so what does this mean for your relationship? Only good things! Expect lots of eating, snuggling and sweet talk for the next month. Dating with the Zodiac in Mind

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and arguably the most sensitive and nurturing. Cancer's ruling planet is the moon, which is associated with motherhood and femininity. Indeed, those born between June 21st and July 22nd are natural caretakers and pride themselves on therapeutic listening skills and culinary talents. Symbolized by the crab, Cancers have a hard outer shell and soft insides.

One of the negatives of this sign is hurt feelings that at times may border on the irrational. Make sure you talk things out this month—it's likely you'll feel emotional slights and blow them out of proportion. Thankfully, Cancer is also patient and more than willing to discuss. But it's wise advice to choose your words carefully this month; the sun in this sign means a healthy amount of stewing and emotional rumination. Be gentle.

Cancers live to feel close to loved ones, so nights of bonding are on the horizon. While Gemini was all about getting out into the world and exploring, Cancer is more about really solid one-on-one time. Even if you are single and not officially coupled up, plan a movie night in, grab your favorite bottle of wine and order takeout. Or better yet, find a recipe you two both love and cook together. Are More Men Cooking to Get Laid?

Another fantastic aspect of this sign is its appreciation for art and fantasy. Go hit up the ballet or get tickets to a play. Go check out at the foreign flick downtown or head to an art museum.

More than anything Cancers love to muse and daydream about romance. If you're wondering where this relationship is headed or whether you two are in it to win it, this might be the perfect time to ask. The sun will definitely work in your favor.