What We've Learned From All The Political Sex Scandals

sexting phone

45 things the public has learned from the mistakes of infamous adulterers.

As ridiculous the bevy of recent sex scandals is, we hope they've at least taught people some lessons—not only the offenders themselves but also the general public. In fact, The Frisky recently listed a whopping 45 things they've learned from a few recent male adulterers (Weiner, Schwarzenegger, Woods, James, Spitzer and Edwards). The list includes lessons about how to "properly" sext, like: Make sure to keep your face outside the shot when taking naughty pics and, of course, always use correct grammar (you don't want to seem like a sleaze and uneducated). Another gem: Being involved in a major sex scandal can land you a gig on CNN and, perhaps, even an advice column. However, the one lesson I definitely can't agree with is, "Arnold's last name isn't actually impossible to spell." I swear I'll never get it right—and I was a journalism major!

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