First-Date Pet Peeves: Selfish Guys

woman on bad date rolling eyes

Me, me, me! Why do so many guys only talk about themselves on the first date?

I was wondering how he was able to breathe. He had been talking non-stop for most of the night, covering every topic under the sun: his job, his family life, where he vacations, how big his apartment is, what languages he can speak, and now, as if he's finally running out of things to say, what he was like in high school. Which was 10 years ago.

I smiled and nodded as he went on and on and on ("I was captain of the baseball team and was awarded top honors in National Honors Society…"), but really, I had tuned out about an hour ago. If there's one thing I can't stand on a first date, it's a guy who talks way too much about himself. I don't know if it's caused by nerves or the desire to impress, but if I have to wonder about your ability to breathe, then it doesn't matter. The date is NOT going well. Read more...

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