Should You Blog About Your Spouse?

Woman Blogging

When he wants your life to be private, but you don't--six rules to follow when blogging about love.

With her advice, here are some guidelines I think bloggers should follow before they hit "publish":

1. Is your spouse OK with your blogging? What are your spouse's boundaries? Do they want you blogging at all? "When in doubt, don’t," said Julie. "At the end of the day, sharing your emotion versus preserving your marriage, your marriage has to stay higher on the totem poll."

2. Are you being authentic to who you are? The Internet gives you freedom to recreate yourself. "Authenticity is so key to building a brand online," Julie said. "And your blog is your brand. The more authentic you are, the more people will resonate with you.

3. Does your blog help or heal? "If you’re helping people, and it's healing for you to write, then you should write," said Julie.

4. Do you "add on"? We all experience setbacks. By "adding on," you can leave your reader in a positive light and move your story ahead. "Say, 'I really look forward to...,'" said Julie.

5. Have you talked about the issue with your spouse? Your spouse shouldn't log on to find out you have an issue he or she didn't know about.

6. Think about your digital footprint. It can damage your—and your spouse’s—ability to get hired. "Somebody who is thinking about hiring you may think you have marital problems or you’re not emotionally healthy for some reason," said Julie. "Everybody’s interpretations are different."

Bottom line: "Don’t make your spouse look like a jerk," said Julie.

Do you blog about your private life? How do you decide where to draw the line?