Falling Out of Love?


Are you falling out of love, or is it just a bump in the road?

Lately it seems like all my boyfriend and I do is bicker. It's not fighting, it's not arguing, it's not hating just mere bickering. At some points, I don't even want to see him, because you can cut the tension with a knife. He comes home from work, cleans himself up, and plops down on the recliner for some television (repeat episodes) and his laptop to look up glorified, unattainable goals. If I ask him to run to the store, go shopping with me, or run some errands he is very willing, so most women would wonder why am I bitching?

The entire regimen is starting to annoy me! Aside from the usual routine, our sex life has simple diminished due to all the bickering. I was once told by him that, "Sex is a reward. If I stop acting like a bitch I might get it more often". I guess mixing that comment with the unenthusaistic afterwork life I have seemed to just fall out of touch with him. I know that I can rekindle our love by going away for a weekend, or having a romantic evening at home, but since money is so tight, that is something that is of the least interest to him. He will be so pre-occupied with the amount of money we spent that he won't be in the mood to do anything. Last time we went away, he fell asleep as soon as we got there. I enjoyed a $70 in-room order of sushi by myself!

I wonder if things have just gone too far and we can no longer repair things? Or is our relationship salvagable? I am fully willing to make changes and alter my routine, but never in my life did I have a routine so mundane. And I was a single mother for years, who now has a 10 year-old. You would think routines are what I live by!

Well, my bet bet would be to go with the flow and see how long this will last for. I have an excellent threshold for moronic boyfriends, but I also know when enough is enough. My positive outlook can only hold up for so long and I hope his emotions beat me to the finish line!