Cool Summer Date: Sparkling Wine Tasting

frexeinet sparkling wine cava
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Cava is not just for special occasions—it's perfect for a casual summer date!

Like wine? Like sparkling wine? If so check out, Cava, sparkling wine from Spain. Classier than Prosecco and less expensive than Champagne, Cava is our new obsession. Lucky for us, our pals at Freixenet, a Catalonian Cava company with roots dating back all the way to the 19th century, is giving out free wine this summer!

Their tasting truck is out in full force, offering not just gratis Cava but tapa pairings like ceviche and hummus. And judging from the experiences of one of our staff members, who recently went to a Freixenet tasting in Hoboken, New Jersey, all you really need for a summer night date is a light drink or two and some tapas.

Why drink Cava on a date? First of all, Cava is light which is perfect because it's not advisable to eat too much on a date and you don't want to eat anything hugely caloric in the heat of summer. It's also ideal for food pairings because it works to complement, not overpower flavors. Cava is also relatively low in alcohol, which allows you to pair it with spicy foods (which are aphrodisiacs!).

And second—listen up, tipsy ladies—the low alcohol content means you won't embarrass yourself in front of your date. It'll have him toasting to you in no time—not because it's your birthday or an anniversary, but because every day should be celebrated. Best Summer Date Ideas: Activity Dates

Visit Freixenet's website for more information on food pairings.

Upcoming Freixenet tastings:

Baltimore, MD - June 15 - 18
Washington, D.C. - June 22 - 26