The Dos And Don'ts Of Losing Weight For Your Wedding Day

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All the workout tips you need to squeeze into that wedding dress for the big day.

You see it all the time ... girl gets engaged, decides that she needs to get in shape STAT, and revamps her diet and fitness routine. Then, after many countless hours at the gym, eating like a bird for months and finally a beautiful wedding - poof! It's now six months later, and she's actually put on more weight than before she had got engaged. Well, we're here to make sure this does NOT happen to you. iMag went to Plus One Health Management's certified personal trainer Gloria Vitolo to get the dos and don'ts of becoming a buff bride even way after your wedding day.

Do start working out today. Whether you just got engaged or have only a few short months to go until the big day — there is no better time than the present to start working out. Trying to shed those extra ten pounds right before your wedding day will only set you up for disappointment. It takes time and patience to actually see results. Also, you want to continue working out even way after your wedding day. Try making your transition into fitness a lifelong goal rather than a short-term change. Stopping your workout regime post-wedding day will only make you gain more weight in the long run. Fox News iMag: Get Kate Middleton's Beauty Routine

Don't go overboard. You don't have to hit the gym every single day to get intoshape. Many brides-to-be think excessive exercise is the answer to looking perfectly toned. But the truth is your body needs to rest in order to build muscle. When you workout out your muscle fibers tear, and when you rest they rebuild. If you don't give yourself enough time to rest, you won't see positive results. Try doing cardio interval training for four days a week, weightlifting for two and then resting for a day. Although it's good to challenge yourself, it's really different for each individual. If your body is telling you to stop working out, listen and take a rest.

Do find opportunities to take extra steps. Between the wedding planning and keeping up with your regular routine, the engagement period can be a really busy time. Make the most of your free time by squeezing in some exercise. This is as simple as walking to work or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Can't get to a gym? Try doing workouts that use your own body weight such as squats, pushups and lunges. 

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