Lauryn Hill's Sixth Baby Isn't Her Boyfriend's Child


The singer's partner, Rohan Marley says it isn't his, but no word on who the daddy is.

We were feeling the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill once upon a time—even loved the fact that she revisited one of its cuts on Jimmy Kimmel just recently. But with a sixth child on the way and questions as to who the dad is, we're wondering what Lauryn learned in school that we missed.

To bring you up to speed: US Weekly reported that the former Fugees songstress is pregnant, with her sixth bundle of joy. Now, normally we love these new baby stories as Tinseltown is filled with them. But, the twist here is that Rohan Marley (and one of the sons of the legendary Bob Marley), claimed not to be the father, even taking to his Twitter page to voice his thoughts on the matter, according to BET. Apparently his tweet to Hip Hop Wired was pretty simple:

“2 things, I’m not married and I don’t have anyone expecting anything."

He then backpeddled a bit, saying: “I haven’t denied anyone, just somethings aren’t what they say...Respect to the mother of my children..everyone has rights. I got to be more careful about who I engage in a little conversation.. They'll twist your words into their own meanings .. Well such is life.”

But no matter. The words were out there for the world to see, leading us to wonder who really IS the father of the bun baking in Lauryn's oven.

Meanwhile, if you think Lauryn is speaking up, guess again. So far, other than some tours and media, Ms. Hill has pretty much kept quiet. She seems proud of her new child and has already announced taking time off to raise it. But still no word on paternity.

We're tripped out at this. Sure, Rohan and Lauren's relationship started a little shady (Rohan was married), but five kids later, you would think that this kind of weird drama would be a non-issue.

Either way, the baby is expected later this year which means that Lauryn, currently in her second trimester, has lots more time to be preggers. And that leaves us plenty of time to guess, speculate, and wonder who the real father of her child is.

Photo Credit: INF