'Happily Divorced': Fran Drescher's Life Turned TV Sitcom

Fran Drescher
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Everyone's favorite The Nanny star comes back to television.

Typically, post break-up, former lovebirds want to get as far away from the other as possible, at least until they can stand to see each other without bursting into tears or wanting to light their former lover's hair on fire.

But in Fran Drescher's new TV Land sitcom, Happily Divorced, the protagonist's (also named Fran) husband never moves out. Then again, the marriage dissolves not out of a lack of love or a stereotypical affair. Rather, it turns out Fran's husband Peter plays for the other team. As he states in the pilot episode, which dives right into the moment where Peter comes out to his wife of 18 years, he still loves her and, "There's no other woman in my life but you."

The two decide to continue to live together despite everything for financial reasons (Peter declines Fran's suggestion that he move to the YMCA). And, at least for now, they maintain their friendship, even if he gets a little jealous, and honestly a bit father-like when she brings home a new man.

The show's campy feel is reminiscent of The Nanny, the comedy that launched Fran's career. Played for laughs, the show jumps from Fran finding out about Peter's true sexuality (despite their active sex life—they went at it during Leno after all) to her first date all in a matter of 20 minutes. Fran seems to take these life-changing events in stride, and calmly tells her parents the news without shedding a tear. The general theme of the show seems to be, how did Fran not know that her husband, who loves fashion and flower arrangements, was gay?

Based on Fran's real-life relationship with ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson (we'd bet money that Fran also has a real-life close friend named Judi, her bestie on the show), Happily Divorced doesn't stray too far from reality. In an interview on The View, Fran explained that like her character, she was clueless about her husband's homosexuality, and that she was "his project" He was obsessed with making her look great, whether it was her hair or her wardrobe. Fran Drescher Is BFF With Her Gay Ex-Husband

Fran told InTouch Magazine that, "Peter and I feel so blessed to have met each other and to still have a caring, loving relationship," said Fran. "Love is what we're all about."

Check out the trailer below and watch the premiere tonight on TV Land at 10:30pm EST.

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