Five Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life

The Things to Spice Up Your Love Life

Five ways to spice up your love life include buying sexy lingerie, giving sex toys and porn movies a try and even giving role play and costumes a go.

If your love life is a little lack lustre then be a bit creative and look to ways of spicing it up. As well as paying that special someone a bit more attention go a bit further and pay them the type of attention you never have before. If you have never entered the world of sex toys then you will soon discover there is a whole Pandora's box of special ways to add that bit of spice to your life. From dressing up in sexy lingerie to experimenting with vibrators, there is a whole new world of fun and passion waiting out there for you.


If you've never been the type to wear sexy lingerie then perhaps it is the time to start. You can buy some gorgeous lingerie both online and in lingerie shops, some pieces a little more daring than others. With pretty baby doll and camisole sets, full body stockings and fishnets, and beautiful lacy bras and g-strings, there are plenty of styles to choose from. There are soft pretty pastels, filmy lace, satin and silks, or you might choose something a little more racy, like leopard prints or even feathered arrangements.

Sex toys

Sex toys can add a whole new dimension to your love life, that although might seem a little daunting at first to the inexperienced, can be a lot of harmless fun. If you are keen and your partner is not, then perhaps try introducing them to the idea slowly. There are products available that are less intrusive and somewhat less 'alarming'. You don't need to go into a sex shop and buy these products either. There are many online companies that sell all sorts of sex toys and vibrators, and parcels are sent out in plain packaging.

Strip board games

If you find yourself getting bored of what is on TV and often when you finally crawl into bed you are too tired to do anything but sleep, how about livening up those old board games in the cupboard. Monopoly and Scrabble will be a whole lot more interesting when you turn them into a strip tease, or maybe for every lot of ten points you earn in Scrabble you get to buy back a certain value in sexual favours. Be creative, I'm sure naked Twister isn't the only game you can come up with when you put your mind to it.

Costumes and role play

Try getting into a bit of raunchy role play by buying yourselves some sexy costumes. You'll find plenty available online and even lingerie shops are starting to divert some of their sales towards this more adventurous play wear. Dress up as a nurse, a French maid, a policeman or woman or even have a look into a bit of black leather.


Porn movies have changed over the years, and nowadays they even make films tailored especially for women. If you want to introduce your female partner to porn films then perhaps start her off with a DVD that is more female friendly. These movies tend to be a little more romantic and have more of a story line, but they are worth investigating to get your partner interested in what is normally a male dominated interest.