Kelsey Grammer Talks About His New Marriage And Custody Battle

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh
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How's the marriage? Is he going to have more kids? What about the custody battle? Kelsey spills all.

"[It's] like it's never happened before," Kelsey Grammer said about his new marriage to Kayte Walsh. "Fantastic."

The former Frasier actor was super-vocal about his new marriage, more children and his ongoing custody battle with ex-wife Camille when he hit the red carpet for the Tony Awards. As reported by Celebitchy, Grammer took time to chat with pretty much every news outlet he could: People, Life & Style and Us Weekly all had Kelsey-quotes. Kelsey Grammer Didn't Have A Prenup

The love birds, Kelsey and Kayte just gushed about their marriage. The best part? "It's waking up together," Grammer said... "And going to bed together," Walsh was quick to add. "He's just perfect."

"He's just such a good father," Kayte continued later. "I've never known a man like him. He's just so full of love and he's wonderful. You couldn't ask for more."

It seems all is well in paradise for Kelsey, who had a nasty split with Camille just months ago. The exes are currently battling it out for custody of the children, and Mr. Grammer is totally prepared for a bitter fight. Kelsey Grammer In Love Again

"It's going to be a long, drawn-out thing," he said. "We'll be tortured and it will be unpleasant I'm sure, but not on my side."

Mmkay. So what about more kids? Are 56-year-old Kelsey and 29-year-old Kayte planning on babies any time soon? Apparently: Yes. Grammer said his son Jude is already asking "When are the children coming?" and both kids are "very excited" at the idea of having more brothers and sisters.

We're glad they're happy... but we can't help but wonder how Camille feels about all this. Hmm...

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