Republicans Cheat With Prostitutes, Democrats With Their Staffers

anthony weiner weinergate sex scandal
Buzz, Heartbreak

The Daily Beast analyzed more than 60 political sex scandals over the last 20 years.

Leave it to The Daily Beast to crunch the numbers on something as salacious as political scandals. We're sure they had a ball doing hardcore data analysis on the last 20 years of cigars, wide stances and love children with housekeepers. Of course, at the end of the day, what we really want to know is which party has been involved in more sex scandals (we'll spoil it for you: the Republicans). We won't spoil the rest of the lurid details.

Read the whole study to find out which party sleeps with more prostitutes, and who likes to "keep it in the family" by sleeping with staffers: Which Party Has The Most Sex Scandals?

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