Planning The Perfect Girls Night Out

Planning the perfect girls night out is easy if you follow a few important tips. Here, we've listed some important things to consider when planning the best girls night out.

Planning a girls night out should be fun. It's a great chance for old friends to catch up and new friends to get better acquainted. Here, we've listed our top tips on how you can plan a perfect girls night out, that goes off without a hitch! From choosing the right Sydney bars to making sure you are all happy with the venues chosen to go to, we've got a list of tips to makes your girls night the best it can be for you and all of your friends.
• Plan in advance- It is a good idea to plan your girls night out around a month in advance. This will guarantee that everyone can make sure that they are able to come, can arrange any child minding if needed and can put aside the right amount of cash for the night. It also gives you plenty of time to talk about the places you'd all like to go.
• Make sure everyone is happy with the choice of venue-It can be really hard if you have a group of friends that all have very different tastes in music and the type of places they like to go. This is when compromise is so important. You may want to make sure you go to several venues in the one night to keep everyone happy. Having these discussions in advance about where you are going will stop any confusion or upset on the night.
• Book in advance-Busy restaurants can often fit in an extra two people on a busy Friday or Saturday night but there is no chance of you getting a table of 8 or 10 in without a booking. Make sure you discuss where you are going to kick the night off in advance and book the restaurant you plan to have dinner at. If the bars and clubs you will be going to later are notoriously busy, contact them before hand to find out if it is possible to arrange a door list. This could mean the difference between waiting in a line for up to an hour or walking straight in.
• Let everyone have input into making the night a success-It's a good idea to take control initially to get the date organised and to make sure everyone can make it, but make sure that everyone gets a chance to put their ideas forward for what you could all do to make the night a success.
Planning a girls night of trawling Melbourne bars and clubs is a great way to spend a Saturday night with close friends. There are however a few things to look out for to make sure that everyone has a really good time. I hope our tips on making your girls night a success has given you some helpful ideas that you can use the next time you are planning a girls night out with your friends.

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