Man Takes Revenge At Girlfriend With Abortion Billboard

abortion sign

Ex-boyfriend claims she killed their child; woman's friends say she had a miscarriage.

Anger and revenge can make people do some pretty outlandish things. If you're Greg Fultz, it'll push you to post a billboard that shows your ex just how you feel.

When Fultz found out that his then-girlfriend had an abortion against his wishes, he decided to put up a billboard in Alamogordo, N.M., with a picture of him cradling an outline of an infant in his arms. To make it more hard-hitting, the sign reads, "This Would Have Been a Picture of My 2-month Old Baby if the Mother Had Decided Not to Kill Our Child!"

The woman's friends claim she didn't get an abortion but had a miscarriage, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Because of the obvious jab at his ex, the woman is suing 35-year-old Fultz for harassment and violation of privacy. A domestic court official has already made a recommendation that the billboard be removed. MyDaily: 'My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me': What I Did for Revenge

Despite the inflammatory nature of the sign, Fultz's lawyer Todd Holmes is arguing that this is just a case about the right to exercise free speech.

"As distasteful and offensive as the sign may be to some, for over 200 years in this country the First Amendment protects distasteful and offensive speech," Holmes said.

But regardless of the First Amendment, Fultz's ex-girlfriend still believes her privacy was unlawfully invaded.

"Her private life is not a matter of public interest," Ellen Jensen, the woman's lawyer, told the Alamogordo Daily News.

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