The First-Date Outfit Decision – Simplified

woman looks at outfit in mirror

Making a good first impression has never seemed so easy!

Picking out the perfect outfit for a first date can, at times, feel like an impossible and infuriating task. "Do I go casual? Revealing? Conservative? Dressy? Sexy?" are just some of the questions that come to mind. The desire to make a great first impression may leave you scampering around town from store to store or tearing through your closet in hopes of finding just the right thing. However, Fox News iMag has tried to simplify all this for us. They suggest that what you wear should primarily be dictated by the location of the date and what you feel most confident in. They also provide ideas for simple, yet sexy, outfits that are likely already hanging in your closet.

For more advice, watch the video: Fashionable First Impression

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