Women Shop For More Than Half Of Men's Wardrobes

woman choosing clothing for man
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Guys listen to their wives and girlfriends' fashion advice, and let them choose their clothes, too.

As women, by nature, we always knew we were a bit more fashion-savvy than our male counterparts, but we never realized just how much sway we really had in their style choices.

When it comes to male wardrobes, guys rely on their wives and girlfriends to assemble more than half of the contents. Australia's Herald Sun reports that women pick out and purchase 51 percent of the clothing in their guys' closets, whereas the men themselves only buy 30 percent. (The remaining garments? Gifts from friends and relatives.) Men Find All Clothing Promiscuous (Besides Parkas)

It's also common that a guy will surrender his fashion preferences in favor of something his S.O. approves of... because women are intimidating. Or men just find peace in getting that gold star of style from their gals.

"Some guys are scared. They have to make sure their wife, girlfriend or mother likes it," Adrian Amoroso said. (He's witnessed men's shopping habits while working at Arthur Galan AG's menswear store in South Yarra, Australia.) "I've seen them fall in love with a pair of shoes but give them up because the woman disapproves. For others, getting advice from a woman is more a comfort or reassurance thing."

All the shopping women do for their guys breaks down to two hours a month, 24 hours a year and 40 days in a lifetime. By comparison, men will only end up spending 16.6 days over the span of their lives selecting clothes for themselves—just 50 minutes a month—and presumably, mostly by force. A “Husband Shopping Center”

Really, it seems guys just find the whole shopping scene a bit overwhelming. In a recent survey, 68 percent of men said they just wear what their wives or girlfriends want them to wear. On top of that, 71 percent would rather dig around online for clothes than leave the house for a Saturday-afternoon shopping adventure.

It's OK, though. We're perfectly willing to bargain. If our guys are willing to assemble those confusing dressers from IKEA, we will gladly shop in their steads. (Since we're such pros, anyway.)