Waitresses Sue Over Casino's Skimpy Flapper Costumes

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A group of former Atlantic City cocktail waitresses is suing the casino where they worked after being fired because they were "too old" to wear a sexy new outfit the resort debuted.

The Hotel Resorts Casino has found itself the target of a discrimination lawsuit by nine of the 16 women it gave pink slips to after it introduced a back-baring flapper-inspired waitress uniform over Memorial Day weekend.

The revealing new outfits were a publicity stunt designed to revive interest in the old gambling town and the casino. My Daily: Will Conforming to Gender Stereotypes Get You More Dates?

Represented by Los Angeles-based celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who has worked on the O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson cases, the women are suing for back pay, lost salary, pain and suffering and "punitive damages." They range in age from 39 to 66, and some of them actually want their jobs back.

The cocktail waitresses were fired in March after the Hotel Resorts Casino deemed them "too old" to wear the new fringe frock, according to MSNBC.com.

The suit follows two other discrimination complaints filed by 46 other cocktail waitresses against the same casino.

Not only does the latest group see the resort's actions as age discrimination, but Allred also believes the company is guilty of objectifying women.

"Maybe [Hotel Resorts owners] think they can profit by using young women as bait to hook in young men to buy drinks, but it's wrong," Allred said during a recent press conference. "Women are not just sex objects. They are real human beings."

The casino claims it didn't break any laws when deciding to switch to the skimpy costumes. My Daily: Can Lack of Sleep Kill Your Man's Mojo?

"Resorts is confident that it has acted in accordance with all legal requirements in its employment decisions," the casino said in a statement. "As we indicated before, cocktail servers were given individual consideration and the selection process was conducted in a fair and objective manner. We empathize with the cocktail servers who lost their jobs and gave them hiring preference in other open positions at Resorts. Some took advantage of this offer and some did not."

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