It's actually upsetting to be put here in this spot

Heartbreak, Self

Friend yells at a friend in anger. Friend wonders if there is something hidden behind fight

A guy I consider a great friend and I were talking 2 nights ago when he told me he would just rather stop talking to me if I discussed what I was hearing about an old friend of his with him. We both have a mutual friend we no longer are affiliated with, but I try to remain at least civil with the situation by discussing it, just out of the goodness of respecting what the other person is goign through. I was.. to say the least SHOCKED by my friend.when he totally blew a hot fuse about me bringing it up. Said he would consider just not talking to me in order for him to just not be "Related to him in any way or form."


He followed it up with, "It just makes me really irritated, want to completely diffuse myself from that complete crap and  That's why I said I would rather not talk to you than be a part of him and his lies anyway."

So obviously, people say stuff out of anger. But I don't ever let myself get to that level, and that totally threw me off my axis. And I have been off of it for DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! This happened two nights ago, where I'm still thinking about it. Our friendship: really simple and content and I want to keep it that way. Lol. I don't want to blow it out of proportion because we talked about it again. I understand I am being pretty dramatic. I was hoping to start spending more time hanging out with him before this!! I am having huge insecurities that my decision to start hanging out with him more is far fetched. I am NERVOUS now. Second guessing the value he has on the two of us. Don't know what I should do. I really like him but, theres no way in hell i'll be wasting my time if he's saying stuff like that. We, I should say I, am not comfortable talking about this issue in the open, as of right now. Our relationship is too innocent, And I don't really want to put my issues on his paws.

The question is please put yourself in my situation and speak what your desired outcome would be!!! That is all.

Thanks for reading this